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Hi! My name is Phoebe, I’m an interdisciplinary artist and the visionary behind Visions of Venus Studios, an all encompassing creative studio based in Lancaster, PA. I enjoy channeling creative energy through photography, ceramics, silversmithing & jewlerymaking, collage, crochet, painting, and experimenting with new processes and mediums. 


In my protrait photography practice, I am interested in capturing the Divine nature of humankind that manifests through personal expression, sensuality, eroticism, and the spectrum of emotion. I believe there is great healing power in being seen in your authentic self and find great joy in creating a safe an encouraging space for people to step fully into their uniqueness. 


Other themes that run through my work stem from a

 deep appreciation of our existence- honoring the earth and all the beautiful forms she takes, our inherent connection to the cosmos, and accepting the dualities that exist in and around us. 


I am always available for booking and comissions!

Email with inquiries

Check out my work on Instagram @visionsofvenusstudios

instagram @visionsofvenusstudios
tiktok @visionsofvenuss


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